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Indianapolis Local Public Improvement Bond Bank Issuance 2017 A & B

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Indianapolis, IN | February 1, 2017
The Indianapolis Local Public Improvement Bond Bank

The Indianapolis Bond Bank’s first bond issue of 2017 assisted four Qualified Entities to raise $71.325 million, through Indianapolis Local Public Improvement Bond Bank series 2017A and B. The General Obligation Bonds were issued to finance infrastructure and capital needs for Consolidated City, Park District, Metro Thoroughfare District and Public Safety and Communications District. The Consolidated City used the funds for solid waste equipment, police vehicles, City-County Building generator, voting machines, two firehouses, and fire apparatus. The Park District used its funds for its capital improvement needs. The Metro Thoroughfare District used its proceeds on roads and streets improvements and other major capital equipment. Finally, the Public Safety and Communications District funded a computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system, record management system and E-911 system. Series 2017A and B Bonds were rated AAA by Fitch and AA by Standard & Poor’s.