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About The Indianapolis Local Public Improvement Bond Bank

In 1985, with the assistance of the Indiana General Assembly, the City of Indianapolis established the Indianapolis Local Public Improvement Bond Bank, the first municipal bond bank in the country. The Bond Bank is a municipal corporation that serves as the debt issuance and management arm of the City of Indianapolis and related “Qualified Entities.” These entities include special taxing districts, political subdivisions, and building/leasing authorities. Since its inception, the Indianapolis Local Public Improvement Bond Bank has issued nearly $13 billion in bonds and notes on behalf of various Qualified Entities of the City of Indianapolis and Marion County.

The Bond Bank’s structure allows for the centralized management and supervision of all debt issued by governmental entities throughout Marion County. By coordinating all locally-issued debt, including general obligation and revenue bonds, the Bond Bank provides leadership and guidance through the capital markets and the sale of municipal bonds and other debt instruments. For example, the Bond Bank coordinates the timing of all city and Qualified Entity bond sales. The Bond Bank also maintains relationships and regular communications with representatives from the national credit rating agencies and assists with securing ratings when necessary and providing frequent updates to the agencies on the City’s economy, employment figures, major developments, and the annual budget and audit process. The Bond Bank actively monitors local and national bond markets, as well as financial and economic trends that impact bond issuance structures, timing, and interest rates.

With the assistance of the professionals employed by the various Qualified Entities, the Bond Bank also prepares documents related to bond issuances, manages trustee banks and the collection and disbursement of bond proceeds. The Bond Bank is also primarily responsible for investor outreach and communication, including obligations under continuing disclosure agreements. By centralizing the management of all debt issued by local government entities, the debt management process is simplified and the Bond Bank can provide organization, structure, and consistency to investors interested in purchasing securities issued by Indianapolis entities.

Key Projects

Fire Training Facility Project (2019)

On September 23, 2019 the City County Council unanimously approved Special Ordinance No. 11 ( Proposal 338, 2019) approving the issuance of $15 million in G.O. Bonds for costs of financing the acquisition, construction, installation, and equipping of a fire training facility for the Indianapolis Fire Department, to be located just south of the Community Justice Campus. Since November 1980, IFD has been renting training space while training 30 classes and 1,005 recruits. 314 of those - 25 percent of sworn personnel - were hired since 2014. The proposed Fire Training Facility will include a two-story training building, a three-story Class A live burn structure, modernized durable fire training tower, flashover and backdraft training modules and apparatus vehicular EVOC course. The training facility G.O bonds utilize a public safety levy set to roll off in 2020 ensuring no levy increases to finance the project.  The term of the bonds are 15 years.

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Stormwater Revenue Bonds (2019)

On December 14, 2015 the City County Council adopted Resolution No. 50, 2015 which approved the issuance of $50 million in Stormwater Revenue Bonds. In 2016, the City of Indianapolis issued  $50 million in short term notes to begin approved projects. This issuance was a planned long term take out of the short term debt.  To take advantage of the market, on September 11, 2019 the Board of Public works approved Resolution No. 49, 2019 which approved additional projects to be  included as uses of proceeds.   The purpose of stormwater projects and improvements are to provide for the safe and efficient capture and conveyance of stormwater runoff, mitigate the damaging effect of stormwater runoff and address flooding and drainage problems. The 2019 issuance are the first Stormwater Revenue Bonds secured by a pledge of net revenues of the District, which includes Stormwater user fees imposed on the amount of impervious surface area on all residential and non-residential property in the District's service area based on the Based Billing Unit (BBU) system implemented in 2015. The credit was rated AAA by S&P.

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Indy Roads - Revenue Bonds (2019)

On September 10th, 2018 City County Council unanimously approved the issuance of a maximum of $120 million in revenue bonds over the next three years. $40 million will be issued in 2019 for road, bridge, and sidewalk repairs. These bonds are secured by County Option Vehicle Taxes (wheel tax and excise surtax) and Gas Taxes (MVH and local roads and streets) revenues. No new taxes will be levied to secure these revenue bonds. On September 10th, 2018, Special Ordinance 14 (Proposal 18-326) received unanimous council approval and authorized the issuance of $120 million in revenue bonds. On September 9th, 2019 Fiscal Ordinance No. 18, 2019 (Proposal No. 315, 2019) was unanimously passed by the City County Council and endorsed the 2020-2023 Transportation Capital Plan.  The bonds will fund projects such as curbs, sidewalks, ADA ramps, bridge rehab and replacement, and street rehab and replacement. The useful life of these projects are 30-50 years with the bond issuances having a 20-year max bond maturity.

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16 Tech Project (2019)

In July of 2019, the Bond Bank issued $28.8 million in tax-exempt bonds to finance public infrastructure.  The 2019C Series are backed by Consolidated TIF Allocation Area revenues. Covering 170 acres on the city’s near-Westside, the 16 Tech Technology District is designed and marketed to attract research firms, contract service providers, and high-tech companies in such industries as information technology, health information technology, motorsports, biotechnology, and clean energy.  The master plan creates a vision for a district in which residents and workers can live, work, play, and learn in close proximity to downtown, the IUPUI campus and Indiana University School of Medicine. The 2019C Series will finance work for greenspace, walking and biking trails, a new bridge over Fall Creek, structured parking, roads and stormwater infrastructure.

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Finance Team

Sarah S. Riordan

Executive Director & General Counsel

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Kyle J. Willis

Associate Director & Chief Compliance Officer

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Laurie Canatsey

Chief Financial Officer

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Joe Glass

Deputy General Counsel

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Isaiah Kuch

Senior Project Manager

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Karen Strunk

Project Manager

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Eva Flick

Project Manager and Legislative Coordinator

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Scarlett A. Martin

Director of Community & Economic Development

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André Zhang Sonera

Project Manager for Community & Economic Development

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Dennis Charles

Board Chair

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Sarah Rubin

Board Vice Chair

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Michael Carter

Board Member

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Dr. Terri Jett

Board Member

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Bryan Moll

Board Member

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