Continuing Disclosure

Pursuant to continuing disclosure requirements promulgated by the Securities and Exchange Commissions ("SEC") in its Rule 15c2-12. as amended (the "SEC Rule"), the Qualified Entities, as obligors, and the Indianapolis Local Public Improvement Bond Bank, acting as dissemination agent for the Qualified Entities, will enter into a Continuing Disclosure Undertaking Agreement. Under the terms of the Disclosure Contract, the Qualified Entities will agree to timely provide or cause to be provided, to the Indianapolis Local Public Improvement Bond Bank, for the dissemination by the Bond Bank for the benefit of the Bondholders and the Beneficial Owners.

Contact Information for Continuing Disclosures:
Karen Strunk
Deputy Director
(317) 327-4303 |

Material Events:

Notice of Full Redemption:  Redemption of the ILPIBB 2013F Bonds (as of January 2, 2023)