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Issue DateDated DateMaturity DateNameCUSIP-9
10/02/201910/16/201901/01/2041ILPIBB Revenue Bonds 2019F (Stormwater Project)45528UJ69 View on MSRB EMMA®
10/02/201910/16/201901/01/2040ILPIBB Revenue Bonds 2019F (Stormwater Project)45528UJ51 View on MSRB EMMA®
10/02/201910/16/201901/01/2039ILPIBB Revenue Bonds 2019F (Stormwater Project)45528UJ44 View on MSRB EMMA®
10/02/201910/16/201901/01/2038ILPIBB Revenue Bonds 2019F (Stormwater Project)45528UJ36 View on MSRB EMMA®
10/02/201910/16/201901/01/2037ILPIBB Revenue Bonds 2019F (Stormwater Project)45528UJ28 View on MSRB EMMA®
10/02/201910/16/201901/01/2036ILPIBB Revenue Bonds 2019F (Stormwater Project)45528UH95 View on MSRB EMMA®
10/02/201910/16/201901/01/2035ILPIBB Revenue Bonds 2019F (Stormwater Project)45528UH87 View on MSRB EMMA®
10/02/201910/16/201901/01/2034ILPIBB Revenue Bonds 2019F (Stormwater Project)45528UH79 View on MSRB EMMA®
10/02/201910/16/201901/01/2033ILPIBB Revenue Bonds 2019F (Stormwater Project)45528UH61 View on MSRB EMMA®
10/02/201910/16/201901/01/2032ILPIBB Revenue Bonds 2019F (Stormwater Project)45528UH53 View on MSRB EMMA®
10/02/201910/16/201901/01/2031ILPIBB Revenue Bonds 2019F (Stormwater Project)45528UH46 View on MSRB EMMA®
10/02/201910/16/201901/01/2030ILPIBB Revenue Bonds 2019F (Stormwater Project)45528UH38 View on MSRB EMMA®
10/02/201910/16/201901/01/2029ILPIBB Revenue Bonds 2019F (Stormwater Project)45528UH20 View on MSRB EMMA®
10/02/201910/16/201901/01/2028ILPIBB Revenue Bonds 2019F (Stormwater Project)45528UG96 View on MSRB EMMA®
10/02/201910/16/201901/01/2027ILPIBB Revenue Bonds 2019F (Stormwater Project)45528UG88 View on MSRB EMMA®
09/10/201909/19/201901/01/2040ILPIBB IndyRoads Revenue Bonds, Series 2019E45528UG70 View on MSRB EMMA®
09/10/201909/19/201901/01/2039ILPIBB IndyRoads Revenue Bonds, Series 2019E45528UG62 View on MSRB EMMA®
09/10/201909/19/201901/01/2038ILPIBB IndyRoads Revenue Bonds, Series 2019E45528UG54 View on MSRB EMMA®
09/10/201909/19/201901/01/2037ILPIBB IndyRoads Revenue Bonds, Series 2019E45528UG47 View on MSRB EMMA®
09/10/201909/19/201901/01/2036ILPIBB IndyRoads Revenue Bonds, Series 2019E45528UG39 View on MSRB EMMA®
09/10/201909/19/201901/01/2035ILPIBB IndyRoads Revenue Bonds, Series 2019E45528UG21 View on MSRB EMMA®
09/10/201909/19/201901/01/2034ILPIBB IndyRoads Revenue Bonds, Series 2019E45528UF97 View on MSRB EMMA®
09/10/201909/19/201901/01/2033ILPIBB IndyRoads Revenue Bonds, Series 2019E45528UF89 View on MSRB EMMA®
09/10/201909/19/201901/01/2032ILPIBB IndyRoads Revenue Bonds, Series 2019E45528UF71 View on MSRB EMMA®
09/10/201909/19/201901/01/2031ILPIBB IndyRoads Revenue Bonds, Series 2019E45528UF63 View on MSRB EMMA®
09/10/201909/19/201901/01/2030ILPIBB IndyRoads Revenue Bonds, Series 2019E45528UF55 View on MSRB EMMA®
09/10/201909/19/201901/01/2029ILPIBB IndyRoads Revenue Bonds, Series 2019E45528UF48 View on MSRB EMMA®
09/10/201909/19/201901/01/2028ILPIBB IndyRoads Revenue Bonds, Series 2019E45528UF30 View on MSRB EMMA®
09/10/201909/19/201901/01/2027ILPIBB IndyRoads Revenue Bonds, Series 2019E45528UF22 View on MSRB EMMA®
09/10/201909/19/201901/01/2026ILPIBB IndyRoads Revenue Bonds, Series 2019E45528UE98 View on MSRB EMMA®
09/10/201909/19/201901/01/2025ILPIBB IndyRoads Revenue Bonds, Series 2019E45528UE80 View on MSRB EMMA®
09/10/201909/19/201901/01/2024ILPIBB IndyRoads Revenue Bonds, Series 2019E45528UE72 View on MSRB EMMA®
09/10/201909/19/201901/01/2023ILPIBB IndyRoads Revenue Bonds, Series 2019E45528UE64 View on MSRB EMMA®
09/10/201909/19/201901/01/2022ILPIBB IndyRoads Revenue Bonds, Series 2019E45528UE56 View on MSRB EMMA®
09/10/201909/19/201901/01/2021ILPIBB IndyRoads Revenue Bonds, Series 2019E45528UE49 View on MSRB EMMA®
08/13/201908/22/201901/01/2035ILPIBB Refunding Bonds 2019D (AMT) - Indianapolis Airport Authority45528UE31 View on MSRB EMMA®
08/13/201908/22/201901/01/2034ILPIBB Refunding Bonds 2019D (AMT) - Indianapolis Airport Authority45528UE23 View on MSRB EMMA®
08/13/201908/22/201901/01/2029ILPIBB Refunding Bonds 2019D (AMT) - Indianapolis Airport Authority45528UD99 View on MSRB EMMA®
08/13/201908/22/201901/01/2028ILPIBB Refunding Bonds 2019D (AMT) - Indianapolis Airport Authority45528UD81 View on MSRB EMMA®
08/13/201908/22/201901/01/2027ILPIBB Refunding Bonds 2019D (AMT) - Indianapolis Airport Authority45528UD73 View on MSRB EMMA®
08/13/201908/22/201901/01/2026ILPIBB Refunding Bonds 2019D (AMT) - Indianapolis Airport Authority45528UD65 View on MSRB EMMA®
08/13/201908/22/201901/01/2025ILPIBB Refunding Bonds 2019D (AMT) - Indianapolis Airport Authority45528UD57 View on MSRB EMMA®
08/13/201908/22/201901/01/2024ILPIBB Refunding Bonds 2019D (AMT) - Indianapolis Airport Authority45528UD40 View on MSRB EMMA®
08/13/201908/22/201901/01/2023ILPIBB Refunding Bonds 2019D (AMT) - Indianapolis Airport Authority45528UD32 View on MSRB EMMA®
08/13/201908/22/201901/01/2022ILPIBB Refunding Bonds 2019D (AMT) - Indianapolis Airport Authority45528UD24 View on MSRB EMMA®
08/13/201908/22/201901/01/2021ILPIBB Refunding Bonds 2019D (AMT) - Indianapolis Airport Authority45528UC90 View on MSRB EMMA®
07/19/201908/06/201902/01/2040ILPIBB TIF Revenue Bonds, Series 2019C (16 Tech Project)45528UC74 View on MSRB EMMA®
07/19/201908/06/201902/01/2034ILPIBB TIF Revenue Bonds, Series 2019C (16 Tech Project)45528UC66 View on MSRB EMMA®
07/19/201908/06/201902/01/2033ILPIBB TIF Revenue Bonds, Series 2019C (16 Tech Project)45528UC58 View on MSRB EMMA®
07/19/201908/06/201902/01/2032ILPIBB TIF Revenue Bonds, Series 2019C (16 Tech Project)45528UC41 View on MSRB EMMA®