16 Tech Project (2022)

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In June 2022, the Bond Bank issued $19,530,000 in tax-exempt bonds to finance the final tranche of City of Indianapolis' commitment to invest $55.5 million in public infrastrucure for the 16 Tech district project. Covering 50 acres on the city’s near-Westside, the 16 Tech Technology District is designed and marketed to attract research firms, contract service providers, and high-tech companies in such industries as information technology, health information technology, motorsports, biotechnology, and clean energy.  The master plan creates a vision for a district in which residents and workers can live, work, play, and learn in close proximity to downtown, the IUPUI campus and Indiana University School of Medicine. In 2020 Innovation Building 1 opened and in early 2021 HqO and the AMP (Artisan Marketplace) opened. 

The 2022E Series will finance a portion of the design and constructon of the new bridge over Fall Creek, structured parking, road and stormwater infrastructure and utility relocation.