Annual Bond and Note Report

Outstanding Debt (Annual Bond & Note Report)

In early 2014, the Bond Bank recognized a need to produce a comprehensive annual report on the status of all outstanding debt held by the Bond Bank and its Qualified Entities. This Report’s purpose is to offer a single document that organizes and describes all bonds and notes issued by the Bond Bank as well as provide summaries of transactions for that particular fiscal year. Also includes is a breakdown of both current and relevant historical data for each Qualified Entity. Working with each Qualified Entity individually, the Bond Bank staff and its consultants have devoted hundreds of hours in drafting and forming the Indianapolis Local Public Improvement Bond Bank Annual Bond and Note Report.

The first installment of the Report is for the 2014 fiscal year (the fiscal year being the calendar year). It is the intent of the Bond Bank’s leadership to update this report and make it ready for publication within the 1st quarter of each calendar year. Undoubtedly, the Report and its delivery will be updated and revised to present the most relevant and accurate information to each of its readers.

It is our intention that this document benefits all its readers: banks, underwriters, investors, elected officials, rating agencies, financial advisors, and attorneys. However, we also want this document to be user-friendly and straightforward so the general public and citizens/taxpayers of Indianapolis and Marion County can read and understand its content with ease.

The information used in the Report is taken from the books and records of the Bond Bank and, the official statements and offering documents associated with the respective debt issuances. The Annual Bond & Note Report is neither a financial statement nor an independent audit of the Bond Bank or any qualified entity.

2018 ILPIBB Annual Bond and Note Report